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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Two tutus and a pilgrimage.....

Alright, it's been quite awhile since my last blog post.  So it's time!  I have completed two of the three tutus for Sunking Dance Camps.  I will be doing the third one when I return from dance camp, I thank the director for giving me an extension on that last one. 

This is the pink tutu I made for the dance camp.  It has a softer, droopier shape to the skirt, and the bodice has 12 pieces.  I used bengaline for the bodice and basque, with sequin appliques and venice lace for decoration. This tutu as well as the next will fit about 6 different-sized people.  It has to be multi-sized because of the many bodies it will need to fit. 

This tutu has a fluffier appearance to the skirt.  I kept this design much more simple.  The gold lace was hand-dyed, as well as the black lace that overlays the burgundy accents.  (In fact this is the same lace I used on the auto show dress.)  I made this from black and burgundy bengaline, and the bodice has 8 pieces. 

So the pilgrimage part of this blog....

I am packing up my car and driving to Richmond, Virginia for dance camp this year.  I have never driven that far ever, and I just really want the experience.  Plus it would be nice to avoid the whole airport thing, and be able to take as much stuff as I can fit into my car!  And another cool thing is I will get to see a good friend in DC along the way.  And of course, it will be awesome to have a car there.

Hopefully, it won't take me nearly as long to write the next blog....  And hopefully I don't leave the tutus at home.....

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